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This is Andy – Silence didn’t stop him.

Andy had never spoken a word in his life before playing with the Challengers.  He spoke his first words during his 4th season, and they were “Coach Carroll” and “Baseball.”  Seven years later, Andy helps other Challenger players, welcomes everyone at the fields and even snaps a few photos with the girls.  VCB helped Andy find his voice and become a leader amongst other players.  It has been nothing short of a miracle for him!"

Impact -Players -Andy.jpg


This is Hunter - No competition is too great!

“I love playing all the different teams, especially the Varsity Baseball Team.  I’m glad I have Challenger baseball on Saturdays and I like my teammates!  I can’t wait to have our own Challenger stadium so we don’t have to cancel our games when it rains.”

Impact - Players - Hunter.jpg



This is JC - He plays without sight.

JC challenges himself every Saturday. He's focused and determined to bat, run bases, and field balls like the rest of 'em. He instructs his buddies on how to help and then he "hits the ball out of the park!"


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